Lombard a laptopy, czy to się opłaca?

Lombard and laptops, is it profitable?

Lombard is an interesting formula that allows you to quickly get cash through a secured loan . In the event of proper functioning, it is an institution that brings benefits to both parties. Getting the money itself is not difficult and it does not require a lot of formalities. This is replaced by securing the pawnshop thanks to the pledged item. What is most often accepted by these places as a form of security? This category includes, above all, jewelery, works of art and electronics. Of course, these are only examples, because even bikes, scooters, watches are also popular, and they are still only examples. In the article we will consider, first of all, the value of a laptop in a pawnshop. Earlier, however, the very form of operation of these institutions will be discussed.

How does a pawnshop work?

We can make a loan at the pawnshop . The most important thing is that it does not require a lot of formalities that would extend the entire process. The loan is granted practically on the spot. It is an extremely popular form and to a large extent competitive with banks. Typically, however, it involves operating lower amounts (although this need not always be the case). A secured loan gives us the expected cash, and the owner of the pawnshoptakes over the object for a certain period of time, which guarantees the success of the transaction for him. Of course, the price of the item has to be understated for this to make sense at all, because the owner of this type of institution has to sell later, so the pressure is on him. How much time do we have to return the money and recover the pledged item? The answer to this question is not unequivocal, as it depends on the arrangements of the cash provider. Most often, this time is about a month.

Electronics in the context of pawnshops

The article is mainly about buying laptops . Electronics is an attractive form for a pawnshop because it is very popular, and therefore gives the owners a relatively large guarantee. However, there are problems with this form. First of all, electronics lose value quite quickly. At the same time, while in the case of works of art there are usually no problems with use, electronics are different. When the borrower uses it, its price is immediately reduced. Technological development also means that some items should be sold relatively quickly, because a break of several months means strengthening the competitiveness on the market and the emergence of new models. So there are some problems with electronics, which does not change the fact thatbuying laptops is still an attractive form for each party.

What are the prices of used laptops?

The advancement of technology is rapid, but laptop prices aren’t really changing very dynamically. How much does a used laptop cost? This, of course, depends on his capabilities. The basic parameters that influence its price are: processor, RAM cache and disk capacity. In addition, of course, the technical condition and various types of physical parameters. The visual side is one of the factors determining the price of all equipment. After use, low-end laptops are most often sold for about 700-1400 PLN. This is a wide range, which mainly applies to equipment that costs about PLN 2,000 in stores.

Laptops in the context of pawnshops

First of all, of course, the price of the laptop must be lower than its actual value if we want to get a loan. It’s obvious that the pawnshop needs to earn money as he takes responsibility. Secondly, buying laptops at a pawnshop can be very beneficial, because from the point of view of this institution, it is only a debt security. So it is quite problematic and space-consuming. Ultimately, buy laptops at a pawnshopenables us to purchase cheap equipment. How cheap? The answer to this question is not clear. Sometimes we can even shoot gems such as equipment for over PLN 5,000 sold for less than PLN 1,000. Ultimately, however, you have to count the percentage in relation to the equipment used (of course, the usage time is different, but we can check it even after the processor series). Ultimately, in the case of pawnshops, we can expect to buy a laptop for several hundred zlotys. This means a very favorable price and here it is worth paying attention to additional issues. A laptop with a metal housing may be more impact resistant than a new one made of plastic. Also, careful workmanship is often better in the case of older equipment. It also makes buying laptopscan be so attractive. If we want to get cash ourselves, having a laptop, we have equipment that is very popular in pawn shops.


Pawnshops are a very interesting form of business that allows you to both buy cheap items and get cash through a loan against collateral. It is a good combination that makes them comprehensive. Buying laptops gives you a chance to buy cheap equipment. On the other hand, the laptop is an interesting loan security if we need a quick cash injection.